Mind Body Rewire

Still not sure WHY you’re in pain?

Tried all the traditional and non-traditional treatments and STILL in pain? Let me help you discover the root emotional cause of your symptoms so you can finally resolve them.

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I’m here to help. You don’t have to fear your symptoms; your body can heal and I’m here to show you how.

I use a unique method that includes brain science, hypnosis, and years of experience to help you find the cause of your pain, release it, and REWIRE so you can get the results you want and live your amazing life! 

How it works

Find It

In your first session, we uncover the root emotional cause of your symptoms using German New Medicine. You can stop here, with the knowledge of why you have the symptoms you have, or you can continue to work with me to REWIRE your neural pathways

Release It

With a new awareness of WHY you have the symptoms you have, I help you RELEASE the symptoms for good!

Rewire It


Using my unique method, I help you create new Neural Pathways so you can have long lasting results and live pain free!


Starting at $2500 USD*


6 week program

1:1 Coaching with German New Medicine

Personalized Hypnosis Audios

Personalized Homework

2 additional weeks of Voxer support for integration

*Payment Plan Available

**MBM Consult Only (Find IT)- 60-90mins - $500USD

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Client Love 

For as long as I can recall I have found myself coming up against the same internal challenges. I had a habitual way of thinking that prevented me from truly experiencing the potential for contentment in my life. I routinely took on too much, said yes when I needed to say no, or didn’t ask for what I needed. As a result, I was perpetually in a heightened state of stress. Despite recognizing my own role in creating the challenges I faced, I would find myself experiencing the same blocks—over and over. It became increasingly frustrating that despite a self-awareness of these habits, as well as investing in traditional forms of care, that I was still unable to break my own pattern. It wasn’t sustainable to continue to operate in a fight or flight state and I was beginning to feel helpless.

Then I learned about Mind Body Rewire, and the investment has been a monumental shift in my way of thinking. Working with Mel has helped me not only understand how my internal process was actively working against my goals, but more importantly how to deliberately shift towards processes that would serve me. Since beginning work with Mel, and her providing me the tools to shift this practice, I have discovered the contentment that I knew I was preventing myself from reaching. There is no question that Mind Body Rewire has translated into living a more fulfilling existence.

- Allyssa G